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Multiple domains (or sub-domains) Twig templating using Symfony2 event listener

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Introduction While developing single Symfony2 application on multiple domains for example e-commerce with multiple stores that are using same controller actions or any other common usage, you will probably need to change template folder according to domain or sub-domain. In our example we consider 2 websites on different domains that represents two websites site1.com site2.com […]

HypeMailchimp Bundle – How to use mailchimp newsletter API integration with Symfony2

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Introduction HypeMailchimp bundle is a Symfony 2.x bundle to integrate most of features the new Mailchimp API V2.0 in object oriented fashionable way into your website. Assumptions: * You have Symfony2.x running * You have created account on Mailchimp and have API Key ready, if not please go create on from here * You are […]

[OUTDATED] PHP Codeigniter full featrued JQuery datatables [Part 2]

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Demo Source Introduction Continuing on from Part1, Part 2 of will show you how to add anchors, images to datatables and this is just for showing the idea and you may extend it as your needs Catch up: Check Part1 Step 1 : Setting up for the demo: Create database with the below script (we […]

[OUTDATED] PHP Codeigniter full featrued JQuery datatables [Part 1]

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Demo Source Introduction This tutorial will get your through how to create cool full featured datatables for your daily use in any Codeigniter projects specially CMS and how to add controls (i.e. buttons, anchors) Assumptions: You are familiar with Codeigniter You have a webserver up and runningĀ  (XAMP,LAMP or WAMP) Step 1 : Setting up […]

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